The Show


Nothing can keep you down.  No man.  No woman.  Not even a mulleted fitness instructor who feeds you diet pills, and tells you you’ll always be a loser because you once fell off a balance beam in qualifiers.  In the shadow of the cold war, in a world of free market optimism, budding conference call technology, changing roles within the family and a material so full of possibility it could only be named an anagram for “expands,” one woman will face her past demons and learn to fly.  She just has to do a few reps on the ground first.

photo (5)Trip Allen, Founder Instathin LLC

Lorraine Koplowski was the favorite to lead the U.S. in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, but something went wrong.  Even though she now inspires others to burn it as an aerobics teacher, she’s never dared compete again, every year choosing to remain on the sidelines rather than compete in the great Crystal Light National Aerobics Olympics, hosted by Alan Thicke.

Trip Allen, Lorraine’s old Olympic training partner and marketer of the 5-minute miracle workout, is making sure she stays down.

Enter Dov, Israeli fitness guru and someone who might restore to Lorraine the core strength she always knew she had.  Will Lorraine succeed, or will Trip, who’s always harbored “feelings” for Lorraine, keep her down with his retinue of diet pills and fear-based aerobics!