Founding Father

Founding Father

May 2011  
Spandex is born when Annie Grunow approaches Daniel Levin somewhere in Long Island, shows him the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobics Championship hosted by Alan Thicke, and asks a simple question: how is this not already a musical?

Doug Shapiro leads cast of Spandex at 440 Studios in Manhattan

May 2012
 Spandex had its world premiere reading at 440 Studios in East Village, NYC.  Julian Blackmore music directs.  A call for firmness and core-strengthening goes out across Manhattan.

Our Sponsor

Our Sponsor

June 2012
The reading was so much fun, it’s done again!  This time Crunch Gym is in the audience.  A partnership of non-judgmental exercise environments is born.  Julian Blackmore comes on as composer.  Out go the jukebox 80s songs.  In come original songs that sound suspiciously like the old songs! [For the record, “Nose of the Lion” was rejected as being too much in the same vein as “Eye of the Tiger.”]

Natalie prepares for opening night (Russian website operators please stay away from this picture)

Natalie prepares for opening night (Russian website operators please refrain from reposting this picture or be subject to U.S. copyright law.  All rights reserved)

May 2013
  Nearly 14 years and 6 months to the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Spandex the Musical, under the sponsorship of Crunch Gym, and with the firm backing of Buns and Guns LLC, goes up Off-Broadway as the first production in the new 777 Theatre (777 8th Avenue at 47th street).  Tickets sell at an outrageously fast pace as people clamor to feel the burn!