Praise for Spandex the Musical

“Really great!… funny, and the music was super catchy…Well put together.”
— Robert Lopez (cowriter of “Avenue Q” and “Book of Mormon”)

“Spandex is a hidden gem of a musical comedy.”
— James Russo and Kelcie Kosberg: Entertainment Hour 

“Mixed in with the exercise routines, camp, and spandex-laced costumes is actually a poignant heartfelt story of two women who find the strength to better themselves.
— Adam Rothenberg, “Call Me Adam”

Spandex Featured on Fox Five
and NY1!


Nothing can keep you down. No man. No woman. Not even a mulleted fitness instructor who feeds you diet pills and calls you a loser. A stifled housewife and a former gymnast discover the power of the burn through the new aerobics movement. When the maniacal Trip Allen threatens their routine, they and their class challenge him in the only place he might be vulnerable: the 1987 Crystal Light National Aerobics Competition, hosted by Alan Thicke.

Inspired by the cult youtube classic, this is the first musical brave enough to take on the stunning sights and sounds of 1980’s aerobics. The great circle wheel of pushups is only the beginning. Written by Daniel F. Levin, Julian Blackmore and Annie Grunow, the show is the first to give a voice to aerobicizers everywhere.

A gut-buster about gut-blasting, its infectious music and a fabulous cast make Spandex a good-time musical that delivers just that…  Building on the tradition of cotton-candy camp musicals like Xanadu and Hairspray that wink to the audience and to the trends of a recent decade, Spandex sports a charming book by Daniel F. Levin and Annie Grunow and catchy, riveting music by Julian Blackmore. The production is cleverly staged by directors Andrea Andresakis and Liz Piccoli with Piccoli contributing brilliant and inventive choreography that draws from fitness movements and utilizes intricate pathways and formations to create sparkling group numbers in the limited space.
–Joseph Samuel Wright, “Theater is Easy”